Kelly Rosen

Home Selling Tips In A Competitive Market

The spring selling season is already beginning and new homes are coming on the market daily.  With all of this competition for buyers, how do you prepare your home to compete against other similar homes in Milton?  Follow these tips to help ensure you have done everything you can to attract the most buyers to your home:

  1. Hire a REALTOR® with local experience: Pricing your home & effective marketing are the most important aspects of selling your home.  A REALTOR® who lives and works in Milton will be best suited to properly price and promote your home.
  2. Professional Photography: Hiring a professional photographer is an absolute requirement and will create the best image of your home on the web. 98% of buyers look at homes on the Internet before they make an appointment to view a home.
  3. Freshen Up The Interior & Exterior: Since first impressions are extremely important, you will want to replace mulch/pinestraw, plant flowers & make sure the exterior paint and trim is in great condition.  On the inside, remove wallpaper, replace worn carpeting and paint rooms that need painting. Ask your agent for the colors that are most popular with buyers. Today’s buyers want move-in ready homes!
  4. Staging: Remove all the clutter and personal items in your home. Minimize everything! Buyers gain a better appreciation for your space when there is less furniture, knick knacks, and pictures. Your REALTOR® can help with this and even schedule a professional staging consultation if needed.

There are a lot of homes on the market in Milton right now, and preparing your home to look the best it can inside and out will ensure you attract as many buyers as possible.  Best wishes for a quick and easy sale!  Kelly Rosen, Solid Source Realty – 770-568-9241, kellyrosen(at)bellsouth(dotted)net