Kelly Rosen

Sellers: Why YOU NEED AN AGENT RIGHT NOW More Than Ever!

It’s no secret–the real estate market is ON FIRE right now.  Record low inventory levels and ridiculously low interest rates have created a frenzy of buyers. In this highly emotional market, it’s wise to employ a knowledgeable and experienced REALTOR® to guide you through this process.  This process is not a simple process.  Below are 5 reasons you should not go it alone!

  1. Pricing Your Home: It should be no secret that the “Zestimate” is not accurate! I saw a funny ad a few months ago that said “The A in Zillow stands for Accuracy.” Relying on online websites who have no idea what your home looks like on the inside, upgrades, landscaping, etc means you are likely leaving money on the table.  Only an experienced local agent can truly provide an accurate value for your home.

  1. Preparing Your Home For Maximum Value:  Did you know specific updates and staging can make a HUGE difference in how much money buyers will pay for your home? An experienced REALTOR® who is regularly working with today’s buyers and sellers can provide valuable advice around exactly what you need to do to maximize your return and position your home to sell in the quickest amount of time. I always consult my clients and help them find reasonable contractors to do necessary repairs/updates on a tight budget. Today’s buyers are not like buyers of 10 years ago.
  2. Negotiations:  As a homeowner who isn’t living and breathing the real estate process nearly 365 days a year, how do you know what is reasonable and customary when it comes to negotiating the terms of the purchase and then again negotiating repairs after the home inspection?  And then sometimes negotiating a 3rd time if the appraisal comes in low?  Will you be able to provide an intelligent package for the appraiser when he/she arrives to ultimately determine what you will sell your home for? An experienced REALTOR® will relieve tons of stress and anxiety by guiding you through these 3 negotiation points during the contract to close process. This is something we are EXPERTS at; there is no doubt having an industry expert on your side during this process will net you a higher amount of money in your bank account versus going it alone and working directly with a buyer’s agent whose job is to advocate for his/her client and get maximum concessions from you, the seller.
  3. Repair Contacts: Do you have reasonably priced contractors at your disposal when the buyer requests you to make 10 different types of repairs?  Do you have a plumber, an electrician, a window company, a handyman, a painter, etc that will not charge you an arm and a leg?  Do you have countless hours available in your day to call 3-4 of each to schedule multiple quotes to ensure you are getting the best deal? An experienced agent will have contractors that have already been vetted to ensure they do excellent work and reasonable prices, saving you TONS OF VALUABLE TIME and stress!
  4. Trusted Advisor:  When you choose to go it alone, you don’t have a trusted advisor in your court. The process of negotiating a huge financial transaction is not a simple process and is not without roadblocks and possible significant stress.  Who will you be able to talk to when you receive multiple offers?  Who can advise you on how to select the best possible buyer, the who is truly motivated to buy your home?  The one is well qualified?  The one who will not terminate?  The one who is working with an experienced buyer’s agent, which will make the entire process much easier (versus a buyer working with a new and inexperienced agent)?  The one who might not need an appraisal? You might be surprised that an experienced listing agent (especially in this market) can help you negotiate terms in a multiple offer situation that you would never even know is a possibility…to help protect you from flaky & unqualified buyers.

And one BONUS REASON—If you do not put your home on the MLS, you are MISSING THOUSANDS OF POTENTIAL BUYERS and definitely leaving thousands of dollars on the table. The bottom line: If you are thinking about selling without a REALTOR®, I would strongly encourage you to consult an experienced local agent first before you make your final decision.  And if you get too deep into the “for sale by owner” process and feel completely overwhelmed, reach out to your local agent; I’m sure they will be more than happy to help take the stress off your plate!  🙂